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Health tracker, music player and message center all in one? It's possible with Trivoly; the size of a small disk under your favorite watch.

Trivoly gives you all the features of a smartwatch without cramping your style. Trivoly is an ultra thin, tiny disk that fits under your own watch. 

Via Bluetooth it delivers all notifications, messages, calls and alerts to the watch you love. A light tap on your watch is all it takes to operate Trivoly and it can be completely customized with the high tech Trivoly app.


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Trivoly works with all of your favorite apps.

Trivoly works with all your favorite apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Uber, Instagram and many, many more.

And of course Trivoly also supports all your regular phone functions including calls, texts, calendar and SMS. In addition, Trivoly is fully compatible with the most popular health and fitness apps. The built-in advanced fitness tracker sends data straight to the Trivoly app, which cleverly filters out the stats to your favorite fitness apps. Additional apps are added all the time and customers are encouraged to send in their suggestions.

An ever expanding list...

Maps Connect

360 Phone Guardian
360 Mobile Assistant
QQ Music
Sohu News

Facebook Messenger

The only Omega that controls your heartbeat.

embrace your highs and lows

Fitness tracker.

Trivoly’s optical heart rate sensor and step counter give advanced fitness tracking, empowering you to keep up to speed with your fitness goals. Data is sent straight to the Trivoly app, which cleverly filters out the stats to your favorite fitness apps.

He who owns the music owns the future.

The Trivoly app automatically adds the apps you have already installed on your smartphone to the Trivoly menu. You’re set up in seconds.

If you’re bored of the same old selfie, Trivoly helps you snap that photo from a distance – up to 8 meters (25ft) away! At the tip of your finger, Trivoly becomes a personal remote control for your music system. Skipping tracks, pause/play and even volume control!

Trivoly works with Sonos, Spotify and iTunes. The best part? You're in charge.

The Trivoly disk is razor thin and uses Gekko technology (micro suction cups) to securely attach it to your watch. Naturally, Trivoly is completely safe for your watch! The disk has been dermatologically tested and is certified skin friendly.

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The devil is in the details. Okay, your new disk might be hidden under your sleeve, but nobody tells us we can’t add some color. Right?

With the Trivoly app you can easily set your preferred color and vibration pattern for each notification.

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you decide who makes the cut

Personalized notifications.

But our personalization goes even further. Trivoly has a discreet setting to customize your notifications to avoid unwanted interruptions, by filtering priority contacts and silencing others. Tempting, isn't it?