This tiny disc turns any watch into a smartwatch

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  • more features!
  • powerful biometric sensors
  • contactless charging
  • improved battery life
  • stronger vibrations

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Smartwatches offer a new level of convenience. Great, except for one problem: most people already have a watch! So why not smarten up your own watch?

Trivoly matches any smartwatch and much, much more...

  • Messages, notifications, calls, alerts
  • Full fitness tracker: optical heart rate sensor and step counter
  • Control your smartphone from your wrist: Camera, Spotify, iTunes, SONOS
  • Works with any watch
  • Super thin: just 3.0 mms
smartwatch, fitness tracker

Customize your notifications

With the Trivoly app you can easily set your preferred color and vibration pattern for each notification. There is even a discreet setting to customize your Trivoly to avoid unwanted interruptions, by filtering priority contacts and silencing others.

smartwatch, fitness tracker

Fitness tracker

Trivoly's optical heart rate sensor and step counter give advanced fitness tracking, empowering you to keep up to speed with your fitness goals. Data is sent straight to the Trivoly app, which cleverly filters out the stats to your favorite fitness apps.

smartwatch, fitness tracker
smartwatch, fitness tracker

Are you tired of the same old selfie?

If you're bored of the same old 'selfie, Trivoly helps you snap that photo from a distance - up to 25 ft away!

smartwatch, fitness tracker
smartwatch, fitness tracker Place your phone

Put your phone in place to take a picture from a distance up to 25ft away!

smartwatch, fitness tracker Tap your watch

Tap your watch to take a picture, wait for the 3 second countdown and get ready!

smartwatch, fitness tracker Wait for the buzz

When your picture is taken the Trivoly will buzz. Pictures are automatically saved in your photos.

Control your music from your wrist

At the tip of your finger, Trivoly becomes a personal remote control for your music system. Skipping tracks, pause/play and even volume control! Trivoly works with Sonos, Spotify and iTunes.

  • smartwatch, fitness tracker
  • smartwatch, fitness tracker
  • smartwatch, fitness tracker
Turn your watch into a smartwatch

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Trivoly 3

smartwatch, fitness tracker smartwatch, fitness tracker
€ 149,- Pre-order now
  • Messages, notifications, calls, alerts
  • Step counter
  • Remote Music (Sonos, Spotify and Itunes)
  • Remote Camera control (up to 25ft.)
  • Full Fitness tracker including optical heart rate sensor

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Compatible with

Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Gmail, Uber, Twitter, Linkedin, Spotify, FB Messenger, Pinterest, Periscope, Snapchat, Flitsmeister, Call, Sms, Mail, Inbox, Sunrise, Google Maps and many more!

smartwatch, fitness tracker