What started as Friday night drinks, resulted in a new generation of smartwatch technology.

Your watch is a unique and personal piece of your identity and with 1.2 billion sold each year globally, watches are as relevant as ever. Trivoly brings you real-time tech to the watch you love without cramping your style.

Our latest product, the Trivoly 3, already came off the line at our manufacturer’s in Germany and we are now scaling up production. Trivoly continuously aims to improve both the disk as well as the app. We love to hear your suggestions and feedback!

The Trivoly disk turns not just any watch into a smartwatch. Trivoly will help you monitor your health, notify you and even takes your selfie. Trivoly does not protect you from yourself and the decisions you make while celebrating life.


Finance and legal wizard and also in charge of asking the right questions.


Founder and initiator of this incredible adventure.


Drew the shortest straw and is now in charge of technical stuff.